Inclusive Design Tip : Device Lab

A network tip

Why do it

People use all kinds of weird and wonderful things to access the web. The devices in the lab are good to test on for their own sake, but also act as good proxies for new tech that sometimes acts like old tech (think watches, embedded screens, things like that…)

What to do

  • Test your site on something weird: pick something from the Device Lab and use your site as you normally would.

Things to check

  • Does your site scroll smoothly and react quickly, even on lower-powered devices? (Or is there jank?)
  • How is your layout and readability on small and strangely shaped screens?
  • Do the parts of your site that rely on lots of JavaScript still work?

Things you could change

  • Look for front-end performance improvements you can make like fewer network requests and smaller file sizes.
  • Things from other activities will help here too! :)