Inclusive Design Tip : Different device

A cognitive tip

Why do it

People use all kinds of technology and Operating Systems. As website builders and users, we’re often at the edges of tech, using newer and shiner things. Cheap, low spec, Android phones are the most popular devices on the planet. Most internet cafes and many government and NPO offices still run Windows XP and old versions of Internet Explorer.

What to do

  • Swap devices with someone at your table who has a different operating system:
    • if you use a Windows machine, try Mac OS. If you’re using (iOS on) an iPhone, try an Android phone. (Don’t forget to give it back! :D)
  • Browse your site.

Things to check

  • Can you use your site as you normally would?
  • Is anything surprising, difficult or frustrating about this experience?

Things you could change

  • Support as many browsers as you can, and optimise for the ones your audience uses.
  • Test more widely, more frequently. Identify a category of devices (like low-end Android or mid-range iOS) and do more testing on one of those.
  • Use simpler, more widely supported technology where you can.