Inclusive Design Tip : Plain language

A cognitive tip

Why do it

People’s home language can be different to the one your content is written in. People with cognitive difficulties struggle with long or complex content.

What to do

  • Use Google’s Translate service to translate any content (e.g. headings or paragraphs) on your site into another language (Xhosa is a good choice for this).
    • Just copy and paste the text from your site into Google Translate.
  • Translate the result back into English.

Things to check

  • Is all content in plain, clear, language?
  • Is all content suitable for a low literacy level?

Things you could change

  • Keep content short, clear, and simple: use headings, bullets and simple sentences.
  • Replace jargon and overly technical terms.
  • Make button and link text descriptive. It should describe what happens when you use the button or follow the link.
  • Use images to break up content and to provide alternatives to text information.